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Maui’s Spas by Cecilia Hercick

Maui’s Spas by Cecilia Hercick

Did you know that food could make human beings smarter, thinner, faster, younger, sexier and healthier? However it could also makes us fatter, slower, older and sicker.


“The Truth about Food” by Jill Fullerston-Smith & Dr. Oz, is a book that can tell you all of this and more, and happens to be one of my favorites. I found this book during my certification process to become a nutritionist, and it has proven to be an extremely helpful tool. “The Truth About Food” explains quite simply that coming up with a sensible food plan that not only works, but is one you can live with, can be a daunting task!

The message expressed throughout the book brings to light intriguing evidence that food can be as powerful as pharmaceuticals in improving health & wellbeing. Foods are powerful weapons in our fight to stay healthy. In this article, I want to share a few proven secrets that reveal different ways to feel lighter and full of energy, while traveling through our beautiful Hawaiian Islands.

How to be Healthy while you travel:

Fiber plays an important role in helping our bodies keep us healthy. Good sources of soluble fiber include oats, nuts, peas, beans, apples and blueberries. Good sources of insoluble fiber are whole grain foods, couscous, carrots, cucumber and bran. This means that you need to infuse your daily diet with a variety of fruits and vegetables, with a combo of nuts and cereals.

How to be Slim while you travel:

Trying to be slim can be a real challenge when you travel – and a huge frustration. The power to controlling your weight lies within a basic understanding of what happens inside your body. The truth is people are prone to being overweight because they take in more energy via their food than their bodies actually use. This means if you intake energy, you need to expend it. Walking, biking, hiking and swimming are all great examples of expending energy so you can enjoy all your meals guiltlessly in the great Maui restaurants.

How to feed the kids while traveling:

As parents we want the best for our precious ones, so how and what we feed our children really matters. Here are the basics: choose brown rice and whole wheat for pasta, breads and cereal. For the cereal, hold the sugar, and maybe add berries or bananas as a sweetener. Choose lean meat like fish, chicken & turkey. Eggs, skim milk and yogurt are great source of calcium. Fruit and vegetables are a must. Lastly, try to avoid a lot sugary foods; maybe buy one dessert to be shared by the entire family.

While traveling, controlling and understanding your food may not be enough. Sometimes you need a little help and motivation to lose those few extra inches to fit in your wedding dress, or to start a new and balanced wellness path. Finding a spa with an emphasis on healthy weight loss can be the perfect prescription to start a healthier lifestyle, and while you are at it, you can always grab an extra dose of pampering.

The Four Season Spa in Wailea has a unique body contouring treatment called i-Lipo with no pain, no surgery, no diet & no downtime. This laser offers patients a safe and effective means to achieve immediate and measurable inch loss, up to 2 to 4 inches in one session. Two treatments per week for four weeks are recommended. All parts of the body can be treated where fat is stored, including the waistline, thighs, arms, legs, and even under the chin. Maui  Spas offer many different pampering experiences, and if you have the chance to enjoy an adventurous spa treatment I recommend to hop on the Maui ferry. You’ll not only enjoy spectacular views of Maui County, including the islands of Moloka‘i and Kaho‘olawe, but you can experience a renovated and refreshed Four Seasons Spa on the island of Lana‘i.

To find an amazing Spa on, Maui you can review the current issue of SHOPS of Magazine